Hamlet at Elsinore brings the play from the page into its original surroundings.

In the only promenade performance ever filmed at Elsinore Castle

See the Bard's play as it was meant to be.

Teachers and Students

English, Media or Drama Teachers are you looking for exciting ways to help your students learn about and appreciate Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Hamlet at Elsinore – Performance and Workshop DVDs give the play a brilliant context and help students visualise what Hamlet may have gone through as he avenged his father’s death.
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Workshops/DVD performances

Hamlet at Elsinore Promenade Performance & Workshops comprises:

- a performance DVD that anyone can enjoy performed by the Cambridge ADC which was the hot-house for such favourite British luminaries as Stephen Fry, Griff Rhys-Jones, Rachel Weisz, Sam Mendes and many more.

- a series of workshops on the mosaic of Shakespearean intricacies in Hamlet featuring leading theatre practitioners and Shakespeare academics – Professor Stanley Wells & Dr Paul Edmondson of the Shakespeare Institute, Professor Ann Thompson of King’s College London, Dr Neil Taylor of Arden Shakespeare, Dr Penelope Freedman writer and teacher, Dr Michael Bogdanov, of the Wales Theatre Company, Sir Trevor Nunn, and actors Penny Downie, Scott Handy and Samuel West.
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The Production

Directed by Max Barton, Hamlet at Elsinore brings together a talented cast of Cambridge theatre students, led by Joseph Bannister as Hamlet. Many have gone to act in the West End and work in theatre, and together with the unique talents of their producer, Dr Abigail Rokison (an actress, presenter and academic) they bringa fresh interpretation to Shakespeare’s revenge drama masterpiece.
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